Expert Logger Professional Data Acquisition System

Professional Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Pt100, Thermocouple, 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc, mV, Ohm, mV/V, Load Cell, LVDT
  • High accuracy thanks to 24 Bit resolution and isolated channels
  • Data Acquisition via Rs232 - Rs485 - Ethernet ports : ASCII, Modbus RTU, CanBus, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus DP, SDI12

MAQ20 Modular Data Acquisition Systems - Datalogger

up to 192 analog channels in one design
  • Temperature - Strain Gauge - mA, V, mV/V input options
  • Measurement of all process variables
  • High Accuracy - Isolated channels

Expert Key 28 ch Data Acquisition Module

PC dependent system
  • Universal Input : Pt100, Thermocouple, 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc
  • 100Khz sampling rate
  • USB and Ethernet ports