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DigiRail VA Energy Analyzer - novus-digirail-va-enerji-analizoru-ray-montaj.jpg

DigiRail VA Energy Analyzer

Model DigiRail VA
Measured and Calculated Parameters

Volt : 0-300 Vac (True-RMS)

Akım : 0-5 A

Cos ⌀ : 0,00 - 1,00

Frekans : 45-65 Hz

Active Power

Reactive Power

Apparent Power


DIN Rail

Output 1

Rs485 Modbus

Output 2

4-20 mA

Output 3

0-10 Vdc


10-30 Vdc


High Voltage and Low Voltage inputs : Yes

Analog output 1 and analog output 2 : No

Inputs and Rs485 : Yes

Soru 1

Cevap 1

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