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vNode Interface Protocol Software

  • Protocol Read and Deliver Applications
  • Coversion between Industrial Automation Protocols : Modbus - ProfiNet read and deliver to OPC UA Server
  • Two ways communication between Automation and IT Protocols : PLC <> SAP and/or Modbus > Rest Api
  • Web based configuration tool... Control your system from anywhere.


"MODBUS" Module

Modbus RTU Master for Serial Ports
Modbus TCP/IP Client for Ethernet


ProfiNet S7 PLC communication
ProfiBus S7 PLC 

"OPC UA Client" Module

OPC UA Client

"MQTT Client" Module

MQTT Client Communication

"CUSTOM" Module

ASCII Master for Serial Ports
ASCII Free Client for Ethernet

"SQL Client" Module

SQL Client

"REST Api Client" Module

Rest Api Client

"Scripting" Module

Creating Web Service Communication using JavaScript

"Mettler Toledo Client" Module

to read Mettler Toledo Balances


Read data from Excel or XML files


"MODBUS Server" Module

Modbus TCP/IP Server


ProfiNet S7 PLC communication
ProfiBus S7 PLC communication

"OPC UA Server" Module

OPC UA Server
Store&Forward (HA, Historical Data Access)

"MQTT Client" Module

MQTT Client

"REST Api Server" Module

Rest Api Server

"Scripting" Module

Create Web Service communication using Java Script

"SQL Client" Module

SQL Client


writing into Excel file


What is vNode?

vNode is a gateway or Interface software for Industrial communication applications. Almost all automation applications needs to work different kind of devices together in a system and communication between them is mostly a problem. vNode makes your job easer for small or big projects.

vNode support many of protocols of Industry and you can configure the licence according to your protocol demand. So no need to buy full version always. lets imagine a project that you will communicate with some Modbus Slave or Server devices and delivery data into SQL. In fact, you just need to buy Modbus Master/Client and SQL Client modules.

vNode is webbased platform. You can manage your remote systems easly.

There are more than one option to use vNode like standalone and multipoints.

If you need to provide communication between remote locations, Multipoint vNode is the good solutions to provide you secure communication against cyber attacks.

vNode also supports some functionalities for Redundancy requirements.

For more information, please contact your local dealer :

Is there limitation for channel and device number?

There is only one version for vNode module regarding both read and deliver. There is no limit or restriction for channel and device number. We can say unlimited channel and unlimited device but of course this depends protocol's details and hardware specifications which installed vNode.

Can we communicate with ASCII protocol to deliver data another known protocol?

Yes, vNode has ASCII Module for it to read&write data to ASCII output devices. vNode supports ASCII protocol for Rs232/485/USB Com Port and Ethernet port communications.

After read data from ASCII device, you can deliver to different known protocols using vNode Deliver modules like deliver to OPC UA, delivery to Modbus Master, deliver to MQTT, delivery to REST etc.

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(available for both platforms)

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