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Enless Wireless

Enless Wireless

Enless Wireless is French manufacturer of low power and long range IoT Wireless sensors using LoraWan, Lora, Sigfox and mBus wireless tecnologies.

Wireless temperature, humidity, CO2, 4-20mA and pulse inputs sensor are available in Enless Wireless portofolio.

Enless Wireless offers to work with other brands LoraWan gateways and also provide Enless Wireless own Gateway to deliver data as Modbus or Bacnet protocols.

Wireless Technologies :

- LoraWan
- Sigfox
- MBus Wireless

Our company, Tesla Kontrol is distributor of Enless Wireless. We are covering product sales and after sales services, also project applications according customer's requirements from wireless sensor to Scada monitoring.