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vNode is the name of an Industrial & IoT protocol interface software.

It fully meets all your needs regarding the conversion of industrial and IoT protocols to other protocols.

Various protocols, communication methods, database integrations are intertwined today and there is a high demand for data exchange between them.

When you need to read a protocol and export it to other environments in another protocol, vNode is a strong platform that you will need in your facility with its easy use.

Our company is the sole representative of vNode Interface Software company in Turkey. We provide sales and after-sales support services for system integrators, automation companies, end users and factories.

You can use vNode Interface Software for following applications

  • Protocol Coversion
  • Modbus SQL
  • Modbus OPC UA
  • ProfiNet OPC UA
  • ProfiNet Modbus
  • Modbus ProfiNet
  • IoT Gateway
  • Modbus MQTT
  • Modbus SQL
  • ProfiNet SQL
  • Modbus REST Api
  • ProfiNet REST Api
  • Excel OPC UA
  • Excel Modbus